Limited Release Series

Limited Release Series

Our limited release series is a series of 10 candles created with unique scent blends. There is only one candle made of each scent, never to be made or sold again. Each candle is 11oz making it our largest candle that we sell! Each candle is made with soy wax (of course!) and a crackling wooden wick. 


#1 Woodsy and Clean - Cedar, Palo Santo

#2 Floral and Musk - Lilac, Amber, Smoke

#3 Woodsy and Musk - Cedar, Musk, Fir

#4 Fruity and Herbal - Cinnamon, Plum, Black Cherry

#5 Floral and Woodsy - Lilac, Smoke, Amber

#6 Woodsy and Floral - Leather, Amber, Jasmine

#7 Woodsy and Musk- Leather, Smoke, Palo Santo

#8 Floral and Clean - Violet, Palo Santo

#9 Fruity and Citrsy - Grapefruit, Watermint

#10 Floral, Fruity, Woodsy - Currant, Jasmine, Fir, Cedar